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Anthony Lucius Walker Jr. (born August 29, 1992) known professionally as Anthony Lucius is an American jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, entrepreneur, and record producer/songwriter.  A native of East St. Louis, Illinois, Anthony Lucius began singing, songwriting, and recording early in life.  Lucius' life experiences and determination contributes to his ambition for a fruitful future in the Industry.  By age thirteen, he had his first taste of live performance through his small town. Since then, Anthony Lucius has been able to showcase his talents on stage in Chicago, Denver, Nashville, New York (SoHo), Philadelphia & many other cities.

London's very own Radar Radio/The Pit LDN exclusively released Anthony Lucius’ ‘87th’ mixtape in 2018. The album premiered Lucius versatility and effortless ability to integrate the sound of jazz, funk, and soul into hip-hop.  Each track is discrete fashioning a unique sound explicit to Lucius.  His diverse style and tenacity arm Lucius with the ability to conquer societal demands and misfortune. Lucius’ iron-will boldness, dynamics, signature sound, and continued investments are an incredible depiction of his inexorable aptitude to perfect his craft and he’s just getting started.

In 2018, Anthony Lucius partnered with United Way-STL & East Side Aligned to start his very own music education curriculum ‘NBSTL’ (Nothing But HuSTLe) for youth/teens in the East Saint Louis & St. Louis area. The program is continuing to better educate the youth on music fundamentals from business, recording, songwriting, producing & various subjects within the craft.
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